In the world of 3079, there is a constant war between three factions. (Two Main Factions)Edit

The main factions include the "Humoid" and the "Neander." The third faction is the Demon.

  -Humoids have heads above their shoulders and are allies to the player. (Unless harmed or stolen from!)
  -Neanders have heads slouched in front of their shoulders or protruding from the center of their chests.
  -Demons are red and translucent. They also suck their foes near them and can only be killed with a demon smiter.

Additionally, there are capital ships that sometimes appear, packing heavy firepower and targeting anyone they can find.

The players in the game are Humoid, which initially makes the Humoid NPCs friendly. However, by killing a few Humoid NPCs the player can ally themselves with the Neander and turn the Humoid NPCs hostile.

The common enemies to both factions are Demons.

Demons are more dominant and feared because of having only one weakness. Make sure that you avoid demons until you've completed the quest to acquire a Demon Smiter, as without this weapon you cannot damage them, and they can pull you towards them and finish you off quickly unless you have a means to attack them.

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