Stats (in progress, mostly complete)Edit

Stats control how certain items work. Additionally, some stats affect overall character performance.

Weapon StatsEdit

These stats are mainly used in weapons, but other items can occasionally modify them:

Use Delay

  • Time between uses.


  • Damage dealt by the bullet or weapon.

Energy Use

  • How much energy the object requires per use.

Weapon Range

  • Maximum range of the projectile - beyond this range, the shot will disappear.

Projectile Type

  • Bullet type.
  • Can include bouncing (grenades) and flying (bullets and rockets).


  • Yes or No.


  • How much an item weighs.
  • If you carry too much weight, antigrav/grappling hooks do not work (important to keep an eye on this - higher-level items weight more)

Weapon Accuracy

  • Determines bullet spread.
  • Higher level makes it easier to get a better shot.


  • Firing weapons can cause you to be detected.
  • Most melee weapons are silent.
  • Some small weapons like blasters are also silent.

Demon Killing

  • Only weapons with this stat can kill demons.
  • Usually a specific type of sword called a Demon Smiter.
  • Level of the Demon Smiter determines the possible level of slayable demons.

Armor StatsEdit

These stats are primarily used in armor, although other items can also modify them:

Recharge rate

  • Additional energy recharge.

Maximum energy

  • Adds to energy.

Effect duration

  • The duration of an effect.

Poison resistance

  • Protection from Posion.


  • Resist damage.


  • Purchase price (for how much can buy it).
  • Resale price (for how much you can sell it back to a vendor).

Wear Slot

  • Where this item of armor is worn.
  • Slots include head, torso, legs, and feet.

Player StatsEdit

These are statistics for the player, although other items can also modify them


  • Determines Player health.
  • Increased by taking damage.


  • Used to fire ranged weapons and run antigrav packs.
  • Increased by overusing energy.
  • Can activate batteries to increase.


  • Higher level makes you harder to detect.
  • Increased by taking damage while being camouflaged.


  • Affects your melee damage and how much you can carry.
  • Appears to increase when carrying too much or attacking in melee.


  • Increases your damage with firearms and lowers the energy cost of weapons.
  • Increased by using firearms.


  • How much cash you have.
  • Increased by selling items, reveiving quest rewards or finding money (obviously).

Player SkillsEdit

These stats appear under the skills tab:


  • How much experience you have using a mining drill.


  • How good you are at stealing items from NPCs.
  • Increased by failing to steal.


  • How good you are at socketing upgrades into equipment.
  • Socketing equipment with a lower skill can cause health damage by getting "zapped" or can destroy the upgrade, but can increase your skill.


  • How willing NPCs are to follow your lead, or trust you enough to offer you quests.
  • Increased overt time while having a follower.

Movement Speed:

  • How fast you move.
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