Description Edit

Neanders— like the Humoids, are native to the planet of Zehra with a thick purple atmosphere and diverse climates. Due to the skybox, it is safe to assume that the most common clouds on Zehra are asperitas clouds. The Neanders in the games are the primary antagonists (other than demons) within the game, most common belief being: due to you being a Human, and thus possessing Humoid form, the Neanders can mistake you for an enemy (which they inevitably do).

Entities Edit

There are— like the Humoids, many variants of their kind. Such as:

  • Leaders
  • Hovers (Flying Soldiers)
  • Merchants
  • Soldiers

(A soldier can be seen to the right of the panel.)

They are not there for merely decorative purposes, as they can be interacted with if you ally with them by firing upon and killing a certain amount of Humoids. They also sell fairly more useful equipment that may be essential for collecting demon smiters.

Combat Capabilities Edit

Once facing them in combat, it can be noted several times that it relies purely on numbers rather than skill-sets that are implemented (assuming you obtain suitable equipment). However, some units can possess an advantage over others from either:

  • Height (gained from altitude or flight)
  • Weaponry
  • Numbers (see above)

Appearance Edit

Their appearance is similar to that of Humoids, but there are some notable differences. Such as their heads being of lower and forward proportions than of normal humanoid proportions.


It is also noted that many possess 4 legs instead of 2. This is common among Humoids as well, but are more common within the Neanders faction.

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