3079game Wiki

The fighter ships are your new best friend while roaming this world. However, you probably will rarely find one sittinf for you to take. On top of that, enemies and allies frequently have them. Becareful, as figher ships are highly lethal as they have no energy and do high amounts of damage. The shot creates holes, similar to the launcer or heavy guns. They are fast, furious, and deadly. Even strong enough to take down the dreaded Capital Ship! But they are also at the moment very easy to crash. Bump into a wall? BOOM! Be carefull while boosting (holding W while inside F-Ship) You just might crash into something you can't see! However, enemies and allies can crash figher ships all day with no problem, they do not die in one collision. The player is also able to high-jack a figher ship if it is piloted by an enemy and the player is close enough. This will require a high level of strength. You probably wont be able to high-jack until around level 6.

Basic Controls[]

Walking around town, minding your buisness when out of the blue a random plane come's flying at you! Your first idea is "RUN!" but NO! Look at it straight in the face and get close enough to it, then press the use key! (default E) You'll enter a new flying ship! Hold W (Walk forward) button for a boost, and use your mouse to look where to go! These things are like sharks, they never stop moving... That is unless you hold down T (Default stop button)

Difference between Neander and Humoid?[]

Yes! A big difference! If you Hijack a Neander (red) F-Ship that's fighting with Humoids, they'll shoot your plane down. If you're friendly to Neanders though, either way your getting shot down. You CAN Hijack your own ally's planes without getting hated. You can find parked plane's that your enemy (Default Neander) WILL shoot. Humoid plane wings are spread out for a nice soar, but that makes an easy target! Neander wings are flat on top of their short guns (not as great accuracy!) for a quick, hard to kill target. Be careful my friends!